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Renewable Energy Solutions 

Ground Source Heat Pumps

RB Snook Building is on the cutting edge when it comes to thinking about the future. With Traditional fossil fuels becoming exhausted and peak oil is now a reality, these fuels will damage the environment and it is becoming more expensive to use.

We have now worked on contracts developing Renewable energy solutions, in particular ground source heat pumps. We are more than happy to talk to Architects and clients about your requirements.

A taste of the future

 A Ground Source heating system is a system that taps into the natural heat stored in the earth to heat your home. The heat pump will also heat your domestic hot water, heat your swimming pool and can cool your home!

The ground probe system depends on the geological conditions and heat extraction potential. 

The ground loops are laid in a format of 1.2 meters deep, 1 meter wide and with a 2 meter separation between trenches. Size of array depends on the heat pump capacity and ground conditions.


A typical plant room showing a 10kw heat pump and a 300 ltr hot water cylinder.



Greater emphasis is today attached to sustainable building, largely driven by world wide targets to cut carbon emissions by 2050 to which the UK must achieve a saving of 80% on current levels.

R B Snook Building have embraced this challenge by constructing "greener" and more energy-efficient buildings with careful selection of design materials. Our commitment we believe will in time provide environmental and social benefits to the communities in which we build.

Traditional Methods

R B Snook Building have a wealth of experience in construction and sympathetic restoration of buildings. Our team of directly employed craftsman and management share the essential knowledge and skills of traditional methods to maintain, conserve and reconstruct using traditional methods and materials to a standard for which we are highly acclaimed.